Learn to Fly Fish

Learn to Fly Fish

Learn the techniques and have all the fishing tackle provided for a great day out in Tasmania. Tasmania offers outstanding trout fishing. The variety of rivers and streams, lakes and tarns make it a fishing paradise. It’s a beautiful, largely unspoiled environment that attracts trout fishers from all around the world.

There’s excellent fly fishing to be had everywhere from glacial highland lakes and the rocky rapids of the South Esk and Macquarie rivers to the calmer waters of the Huon River in the Huon Valley, south of Hobart. The Central Plateau World Heritage Area contains more than 3000 lakes, ponds and tarns, most brimming with wild brown trout. ref – Discover Tasmania

Peter Hayes – Cressy

Peter teaches a course suitable for anyone starting out in fly fishing and it is highly recommended for people with less than 18 months experience. You will receive a thorough understanding of fundamental casting techniques. There is instruction on the knots and leader configurations plus basic explanation of the fishing skills. You will leave the class confident, ready and able to catch fish in rivers and lakes.

  • All equipment is supplied if required.
  • A bright orange line is an advantage when practicing your casting.
  • Bring along a folding chair, hat, eye protection and any refreshments.

Fish Wild Tasmania – Hobart Highlands

Learn to fly fish for trout. As a sport fly fishing can be taken to any degree of skill level. Fly fishing for trout in Tasmania is a challenge that can be made easy with the right trout guide, good tuition, great flies and a little effort by any angler wishing to unlock the mystery of fly fishing.

Fly fishing lessons with Fish Wild Tasmania include:

  • Rods, lines, reels, leaders, tippet and all the other bit we use
  • How to select the right rod and reel to suit your needs
  • Casting a fly line – most important of all
  • Flies for every occasion and how to fish them effectively
  • Knots, tools other gear we use
  • Basic entomology (trout food)
  • How to find trout and present flies effectively


Trout Territory – Launceston

Fly fishing workshops are a great option for beginners and those who would like to expand their skills. Introductory fly fishing workshops are booked by groups, and are very suited to beginners. They provide all required fishing gear, lunch and refreshments.

Their guides can fast track your skills and understanding of the wonderful sport of fly fishing. Whatever your fly fishing skill and experience level, it’s always exciting to learn more, hear new information and share techniques.

A guided fishing package with Trout Territory includes:

  • Angling gear
  • Lunch & refreshments
  • Transport
  • Tuition
  • Fishing tackle as required


Rod and Fly Tasmania – Hobart

Rod and Fly hold trout fishing workshops on land and water to help anglers develop and hone essential fly fishing skills, and then implement them on his trout fishing tours.

Fly and trout fishing classes are based in Hobart, Tasmania, and Mike teaches all aspects, including fly fishing equipment; fly selection based on the area’s native insects; and casting techniques with overhead casting and line loop presented in detail.

The following are included in their introductory class:

  • Fly casting
  • Fly choice & entomology
  • Equipment overview
  • Knot tying
  • Catch & release techniques
  • Safety